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This was my first time replacing my roof, so I had many questions. Angelica explained the process and called my insurance with me and explained the damages. Luckily, I was approved for a new roof. The construction team did a nice job. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Julian Marquez
I dont know where to start. I recieved a knock on my door by a very sweet woman by the name of Jen. She was very detailed in explaining to me what would happen when KAT construction would come and give me an inspection. Soon after she left I was greeted by another young man who proceeded to be just as pleasant and detailed as Jen. After the inspection he was very clear on the hail damage I had and showed me pictures. He seemed to really care about me and my home from our conversation to how he went about getting on my roof. I was approved to get my roof replaced. The day the crew showed up they were all very delightful and seemed to really enjoy their work. The owner also made a stop at my home and I could tell that there is a very good relationship between the owner and his employees. I was very impressed with Kat Construction from start to finish and I really appreciate their commitment to detail, promptness, communication and using care, caution, and concern while dealing with me and my home. My roof looks great!!!!!!! I have recommended them and would definitely use them again.... [more]
Endia Howze
Living in Blaine, we were recently hit with the worst of the hail storm from a couple weeks ago. We had various contractors who came to our area and inspected our home. But with Kat Constructions reasonably priced and exceptionally knowledgeable information, we couldn't pass them up! They are definitely going to be the only company I will ever call for our home. It was a great relief to have such an honest and experienced company as one of our suppliers. They made getting a new roof seamless with the insurance company as well. Thanks again for a job well done!... [more]
Rubi Nava
I had an excellent experience at cat Constriction. This staff had expert product knowledge. They also provided personal care, A pleasant experience and were enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend this company to both friends and family.
Janelle mcquiston
kat construction did a great job with the repairs to my home. They wrapped everything up in a timely manner and I would definitely use them again.
Rupinder Singh
I live out in mounds view, found a flyer after the storm hit. I called them and they came out 2 days later did a free inspection. I knew they would be busy and customer service let me know ahead of time due to high demands But they came the following weeek and did an awesome job fixing my roof and part of siding. I've been recommending them to friends and family. Would not go to anyone else.... [more]
Ambar Ramirez
Seamless process and didn't need hand holding. They did great work that will last for many years. Very thankful that they came and handled the process from beginning to end. Simply, easily, and quickly.
Donald Kalik
I needed some short-notice garage roofing as well as a main-house roof certification performed, as part of a purchase agreement when selling my home. Of the contractors from whom I received quotes, KAT had by far the best balance of reasonable estimate, professional & friendly staff and scheduling flexibility. For the price and results of the installation work, I have no complaints, especially considering the time constraints the project was under.... [more]
Ayrelle Howard
My roof has finally been replaced after all the damaging storms we have had this summer. Thanks to Kat Construction and their amazing, hard working crew. They were very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process, and even had different colors to choose from. I work a lot throughout the day but they were very flexible and got things done in a timely manner. If I come across any other problems with my roof, I know who to call. Thank you so much!... [more]
Chelsea Hamardelabrethoniere
I recently had my roof inspected and found out I had some hail damage, which I figured from the recent storms that have come through, but the inspection was more than informative and the work done to fix it was top notch and completed within a very fast time frame. If you suspect you have any hail damage I would definitely recommend going through Kat Construction LLC. Plus the customer service to me was a 10 out of 10. Keep doing what youre doing Kat Construction! Thank you so much!... [more]
David Holaday

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