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Residential and Home Siding Repair Service

There are many ways in which a storm can cause damage to your home. A large storm with very strong winds can cause severe damage to your roofing tiles or shingles, causing them to be ripped right off the roof. Strong winds can also cause tree branches to fall on your house, causing further damage to your roof. However, it is not just your roof that can suffer the effects of a storm – hail stones, strong winds, damaging rain and snow can also damage your walls, doors, windows and more. Thankfully, our home siding repair service can help in your time of need.

Installing home siding is incredibly important to protect your home, particularly if you live in an area that is regularly affected by stormy weather. Siding offers a protective barrier for your home against the elements, and also against accidents, pests, and living agents such as bacteria and mould. Because siding offers a protective barrier for your home, it is unfortunately often damaged in stormy weather or when other extreme conditions occur. Luckily, when this happens our team of professionals are ready to use their expertise and experience to help with your home siding repair job, to have your siding looking great and working properly in no time at all.

About KAT Construction Company LLC, Storm Restoration Specialists

KAT Construction, LLC is a full service licensed general contractor that specializes in insurance storm damage restoration. We pride ourselves at providing superior “solutions to storm restoration”.

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Ensuring Small Problems Don't Become Big Ones

After a storm has hit, it can be difficult to know exactly how much damage your house has been subjected to. Even if the storm was only small, it is possible that your house was severely damaged. However, sometimes a storm can cause only subtle damage, and you may not even be aware that it has occurred. This is in many ways the worst type of damage, because if you don’t realize that repairs are required then the problem can worsen and cause further damage, which will cost you extensive money in the long run and cause much more stress than it should.

In the case of your siding, if you don’t realize that it’s damaged and not functioning properly, your house is no longer as protected from storms or biological agents, which could cause significant damage once they penetrate your home. Luckily, by using our siding and storm damage inspection service to evaluate any damage caused to your home, you can be sure that any siding repairs will be dealt with promptly at an affordable cost. Call us today – we’d love to help you out!

Very satisfied with the work they did on my house. They are professional, answered all our questions…

Tammy K

Thank you for the good service! Start to Finish.

John R

Their crew was professional and the work went surprisingly quick. My wife and I are very pleased.

Arthur T

Kat Construction replaced our roof. They were on time with no delays.
They did the job in 1 day and the clean up was done very well. They took
measures to protect my scrubs and plants. Some of the new requirements for codes was not explained very well but they were done correctly, and when one part was missed after the inspector was out they completed that right away. All in all good job.

Rebecca S

KAT Construction was fast, professional and quality work. We replaced our roof just prior to selling our house and the investment paid for itself in a better selling price. Going late winter/early spring gave us the opportunity to basically walk in, pick what materials we wanted and work began later that week. The value you get for the materials and workmanship is top notch.

No N

I contracted KAT Construction based upon a recommendation of a neighbor who recently had work done. To be honest, she just seemed a little OVER enthusiastic about EVERYONE from the salesman to the supervisor, to those who actually did the work. Now that I have had my work done, I truly understand her exuberance. I too was very impressed with EVERYONE involved. They have a top notch crew of committed and hard working professionals. I could not have asked for a better job

Charlie A

Better Business Bureau AccreditedWe know that you have your hands full in circumstances such as your home being damaged by a storm. It is why we provide a prompt, professional service to make sure that your problems are handled as quickly as possible – whether it is for your windows, siding repair or an entire roof replacement.