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The First Month of an Empty Nest

Late last month, my youngest son packed his bags and headed off to college. And with that, my wife and I became empty nesters. When you put it that way, though, I think it sounds a little grim. It’s definitely kind of weird to have such a quiet house, but my wife and I are both ... CONTINUE READING


This Month in History

September 24, 2017, would mark the 81st birthday of Jim Henson. While the general public may know Henson best for his zany, beloved Muppets, the celebrated storyteller was involved in many ... CONTINUE READING


The Keys to Siding Maintenance

Vinyl Siding Maintenance. Most experts recommend getting your siding power washed at least once a year, at the beginning or end of summer. Dirt, muck, insects, and debris collect in the small “stair steps” of the siding, a problem easily mitigated by the strong stream of the power wash. Aside from maintaining the siding integrity, the wash will make it look good as new, a bigger ... CONTINUE READING

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